Red seduction

All you need is love❤ and for love you need our really amazing outfit with red accessories and lingerie. For lovely beauty, who want more - not only harness for body and belt for stockings, but leather handcuffs⛓ and choker with metal leash.

Handcuffs and choker has fast detachable chain, so it can easy turn from hot sexy to nice everyday accessory.
"Red Seduction" is very functional set, let's take a look:
✳ body harness ➕ belt for stocking ➡ this is a base set;
✳ harness ➕ belt for stockings ➕ choker ➡ add passion;
✳ harness ➕ belt for stockings ➕ choker ➕ leash ➡ a bit submissive;
✳ harness ➕ belt for stockings ➕ handcuffs ➡ soft fixation;
✳ harness ➕ belt for stockings ➕ handcuffs ➕ choker with leash ➡ I'm all yours
✳ harness or choker without leash or handcuffs without chain - nice accessory for casual looks;
Only genuine leather and only excellent quality

Complete set is include:
  • leather harness for body;
  • leather belt for stockings;
  • choker with fast detachable metal leash;
  • genuine leather handcuffs with fast detachable chain;
  • set of lingerie: bra and panties (optional);
  • premium gift package.
You can buy this outfit both with lingerie or without it.

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