Hot Game

If you want to really surprise your partner and make hot show in a mask with a flogger, then you need this set! Scarlet color will only warm up your passion and give you the confidence in their beauty and sexuality.

Don't forget that you can always vary and combine all parts of the set.
Want to be gentle? Put aside the flogger, a mask and a harness - use only lingerie.
Want to be mysterious? Put the mask on.
Well, if you wanted thrills, then wear everything at once!

The flogger made by our craftmans from soft Italian leather and have 25 tails. You won't believe how sexy and pleasantly to feel their touch on your skin. But this whip not only for gentle touch, but and for blows too - sometimes cat be bad and it must be punished.

Complete set is include:
✔ genuine leather cat mask;
✔ genuine leather harness for body;
✔ genuine leather flogger with 25 tails;
✔ genuine leather belt for stocking.
✔ a set of red lingerie - panties and bra (optional);
✔ premium gift package.

You can buy "Hot Game" set both with lingerie or without it.

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