Hello, my name is Mayya, I'm founder of "MissMay" brand and head of our team.
We worked hard for all 2017th year and in the end of year happened incredible event - our premium accessories appears on the "PLAYBOY Russia" with the most coveted girl of the year in Russia. This wasn't product-placement, but organic pick of playboy's stylist. Recognition of our brand in the top-level world magazine - is a source of pride for all "MissMay" team.
Do you want to know how it all began? Read more and see a video in the end of page
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I worked as an accountant and I liked my job. I am reverential attitude to women's beauty and I always wanted to do something to make more beauty around. The beauty of the girls is emphasized by beautiful things. Once I was presented with a large box with a set of harness and I was impress with this accessory. The idea of this bright, daring accessory was close for me. I will never forget how I felt confident and desired when I try on my harness. I started to take interest in harness and it turned out that the set given to me was not the most elegant. I'm an esthete, details are important for me. There is better leather, better components quality. And I realized that I can do better harness. I decided to make harnesses, because it's the accessory that allows the girl to believe in herself, allow to be different.
I founded the brand "Miss May".
The next step was to combine harness with beautiful lingerie. Lace and leather create an incredible tandem! It's sexy, beautiful, sensual and ... practical. After all, you can wear a harness in casual look, and you can use it in a private atmosphere to impress your loved one. And beautiful lingerie is absolutely necessary here.
And now I welcome you into the world of boudoir images from "Miss May".